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General Profile Info

My name/nickname:
I am/we are a:
gay man
Seeking a:
gay man
Body type:
Facial Hair:
goatee, changes
Body hair:
Body Decorations:
piercing: other, tattoo
English, Dutch, French, German
I cycle, run, and swim in gear... love it and all get´s me into lycra tight gear, the tighter the better.
As a profesional designer, i tried to make some lycra gear, and it worked, some i wear in my pics, some is even sold... get´s me horny to think some of you guys are out there wearing my gear, in yr daytime job, yr hobby or even for sunbathing... hmmmm underneath yr jeans, dress pants or even a tuxedo...

Damn... that turns me on.... BIG TIME

I am a designer, of fashion gear and since 3 years i design underwear in lycra see some off my stuff i wear in my pics. thet are designed by me end made by me... so if you feel like a special design, just ask me....

Additional Profile Info

More about me:
If you wanna know more about me.. just ask me. I am an easy going guy that loves to wear lycra gear and all thas is in between... i LOVE it maybe to much !!! as i wear it day and night, with one or two or three rubber / metal cockrings... just to show more bulge...
I think that is my point... we men love to see a great bulge, a tasty ass, or a pair of good legs on a guy !!! I know i do !!!
And being on this site, i see it all, from the best bulge to the sexiest ass to.... what ever you wanna show me... in return i show you... some of my latest pics, some from a few years ago, just hope you love them !!!!!

Ideal partner:
SOMEONE WHO IS INTO THE GEAR AS MUCH AS I AM.... Honnest, funny, intelligent, carefull and loving. a sexy guy that is not affraid to show himself in gear, but also as a person with feelings, doubts and that i can thrusth.

I think we all look for the same.... unless you already have him and are looking for a bit of fun...

In tha case, i am allways in for FUN, GEAR and SEX !!!

Main gear interest:
bikinis, cycling bibs, cycling shorts, cycling skinsuits, football (american), leotards, lycra shirts, nylon swim trunks, latex, rubber, PVC, shaftwear, silk or satin, speedos, speedskating, superhero outfits, thongs, unitards, wrestling singlets, zentai, diveskin, hoods, jammer shorts, luge suits, pantyhose, ballet wear, renaissance wear, sheer material, liquid leather, full body suits, neoprene, running tights
What kind of spandex/lycra gear do you own?:
I own toooooo many... Few years ago i was allowed by Richard to sell some of my gear on this site, many of you bought some of my lycra, which was a sexy event as some like it worn, with a bit of.... and some showed me afterwards how they did wear it.
And i still own a LOT !!! always was and have been and will be a sucker for it as it wears great, feels good and SHOWS OF SO WELL !!!
Keep wearing and buying it... from strings to swimwear, running thights to leggings, and cyclegear... look at my pictures to SEE WHAT I GOT AND HOW MUCH I LIKE IT !!!

What got you started in liking spandex?:
When i was like 24, visiting all gay bars with darkrooms... there was this 1 guy always wearing lycra pants... in all colors but mostly black, with some leather chaps over them, a leather vest and cap and high biker boots... he had a huge bulge in his lycra... i already was into lycra, but because of him i started wearing it to the bars, i had this one black, worn off wrestling suit in lycra that went see through after wearing it soooooo much.
I did have it on one night when we met and he showed great interest in me... so we played in the darkroom as he invited me to his house... There he undressed me, made me wear a small very shiny silver lycra short, that showed everthing like i had nothing on, got me hard in a sec, then i wore my bikerboots and his leather cap... he went nuts on my bulge... he was in his black lycra thight and i went nuts on his bulge... than he went on all 4s and made me fuck him, hard and deep... that whole experience was sooooooooo funcking hot, it made me into lycra for the rest of my life !!! Did meet him after that first time a couple of times more, but only 15 years later i found out through a tv show, he was a designer of ballet gear !!!
That just explained it all !

Describe your favorite gear:
Favorite is anything in lycra, My friend Augustus who is also on this site under this name, made me some incredible horny thongs with matching ( in color and fabric ) cockring strings, THOSE WHERE AND STIL ARE MY FAVOURITES !!!
And for thos of you who don't know a cockring string, i explain, it is like a cockring, but made out of lycra, it is attached to a string, so a cock ring string !!!

i love wearing cockrings and do so all the time, but a cockring lowers when you are not hard to the smallest part of your cock and balls, where as the cock ring string, due to the waist band and string that is attached and goes from front through your as to your back, keep the edge of things onto your crotch, wearing it makes me horny night and day... and yes i wear em 24 / 7.

Contact augustus on here if you wanna know more about it !!!

All About Sex

Sexual activities:
Anal, Bondage, CBT, Electro, Fisting, J.O., Nipple play, Oral, Pumping (Vacuum), Rimming, Role play, S&M, Saline or Silicone, Spanking, Watersports, Wet lycra, Wrestling
Dick size:
versatile more top
Safer sex:
What is your ultimate spandex fantasy?:
tricky question... As there are so many !!!

I tell you one which happened to me a few years ago, I was in full lycra cycle gear, if i remember well my Warnsteiner outfitt, bib and shirt, cockrings on and no underwear.
I cycled 20 km. to a well known gay meeting place in the woods, after a while i found a couple, a guy my age and his younger friend... i guess, 25 / 28, both in cyclegear
i looked at em and moved... that is what i do to attract em... they followed me, deeper into the wood. At one pointed i stopped and they came closer.
We talked a bit and the older guy touched my bulge, and so i did his, and his friends.
One lead to another, and i ended up fucking the young guy, as his friend was watching, he even pushed my ass to see my cock ram his boyfriends ass even harder...

I dunno... was it the gear they both had on, the fact that one of em was watching. the game that lead to this event.... FACT IS... IT WAS HOT !!!