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General Profile Info

My name/nickname:
I am/we are a:
gay man
Seeking a:
gay man, gay couple
Body type:
less than 100 lbs
5 ft 7 in
Facial Hair:
goatee, changes
Body hair:
Body Decorations:
piercing: other, tattoo
Looking for:
friendship, love/relationship, chat, 1-on-1 sex, group sex
English, Dutch, French, German
I don't know if walking around with a big bulge in lycra gear counts as a hobby, but if so, that is my number one hobby, can't help it and don't wanna change it !!!
I LOVE the gear so much, ever since i was a kid, and before i even knew i was gay.
And on this site are so many gear lovers that i hope we can chat sometime about how much we love it.

I try to answer all of you who leave me a message or a comment to my pic's,, if i missed one of you.. i am sorry, just a nice guy here into guy's who love the same !!!

To stay in shape i run, swim and cycle... yeah offcourse the 3 best sports where you can wear legally lycra, show of a bulge in it and get away with it

I started to make my own gear, strings, leggings, shorts, i tried it all. !!! As a fashion designer i know how to make clothes, not only to design em but actually make em, but lycra... its a whole other story... difficult.
but i managed... and now i know that some of you guys from spandexguys, walk in gear i made, and that is one sexy thought... your cock and balls wrapped in a thong, string or other item i made... and of worn it !!! I LOVE MAKING GEAR AND EXPERIMENT WITH STYLES AND FABRICS.

Additional Profile Info

More about me:
Loving gear, the way it cups, shows of my balls and my manhood, wearing it 24 /7 and it still turns me on.... EVERY DAY AGAIN.

i love making my own gear as sometimes i can't find what i would love to wear or what i would like to show to you guys... fact is... in gear i feel horny, hot and hard.... it just takes a sec. when you just look at me in my gear and i get hard, i think it is a spontanious reaction of my cock...

i love being on the site, it gives me a way to show my bulge but also to make friends...

Ideal partner:
SOMEONE WHO IS INTO THE GEAR AS MUCH AS I AM.... Honnest, funny, intelligent, carefull and loving. a sexy guy that is not affraid to show himself in gear, but also as a person with feelings, doubts and that i can thrusth.

I think we all look for the same.... unless you already have him and are looking for a bit of fun...

In that case, i am allways in for FUN, GEAR and SEX !!!

Main gear interest:
bikinis, cycling bibs, cycling shorts, cycling skinsuits, football (american), leotards, lycra shirts, nylon swim trunks, latex, rubber, PVC, shaftwear, silk or satin, speedos, speedskating, superhero outfits, thongs, unitards, wrestling singlets, zentai, diveskin, hoods, jammer shorts, luge suits, pantyhose, ballet wear, renaissance wear, sheer material, liquid leather, full body suits, neoprene, running tights
What kind of spandex/lycra gear do you own?:
I own toooooo many... from speedo's bibs, cycling gear swim trunks, running gear, sports wear and thongs... you name it i got it !!! Never found some actual ballet gear or american football pant's or superhero suits, they need to be imported and that makes the costs to high... still love to try those, but ok if i never will...

What got you started in liking spandex?:
At 17, i admitted i was gay... at age 23, i lived in Amsterdam... all the gay bar's all the excitement... i went out every night... i was/am not that tall, not that muscled.
but i had one thing... i did know how to show of in gear...if it was jeans, leather, rubber or lycra... i showed of in it... and i never thought i could... but i did...

It was my thing... an old worn jeans, and a great bulge... a lycra running pants... a cockring and i got a date ... Best one was with a guy who designed ballet gear....

a strong muscular guy, all male and so handsome... he took me home with him... made me dress up in a silver lycra short, made me put on a police cap and leather boots... and made me fuck him.... that was just so hot !!!!

Describe your favorite gear:
I guess al of it... from my favourite thong tou my favourite bibshorts..THAT WOULD BE MY BLUE GEROLSTEINER...
Once i recieved it... put it on and went for a ride, i have to admitt... no underwear, two cockrings.. and horny... i just went on after 25 km. there was a wood... i rode in to try my mountainbike... great ride... untill i saw this guy... all in gear... big, big bulge... and just leaning to a tree...
I STOPPED... Secret looks to that big bulge... and moved closer...

I share my pics here... as i LOVE doing so... and many of yr comments are about my big bulge... i guess i have a big bulge... but as it is mine... i never feel like it is that big... it's between my legg's every day... day and night.... so that's me... i enjoy all bulges, specially ones wrapped in gear that excites me....

All About Sex

Sexual activities:
Anal, Bondage, CBT, Electro, Fisting, J.O., Kissing, Liquids (oil, mud, etc.), Nipple play, Oral, Pumping (Vacuum), Rimming, Role play, S&M, Saline or Silicone, Spanking, Watersports, Wet lycra, Wrestling
Dick size:
above average
versatile more top
Safer sex:
What is your ultimate spandex fantasy?:
I am on the site for years now and i love it !!! Can't help it and the fun part is , i made friends on here... just because we share the same HORNY passion of showing of in gear, that is my passion to, if you read my profile you get the idea !!! I have not one fantasy but a lot... and i did expereinces a few... but always up for a second or third... as each different guy brings a different view !!!