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General Profile Info

My name/nickname:
I am/we are a:
gay man
Seeking a:
gay man, bi man, straight man, gay couple, bi couple, transgender, not looking
Body type:
100 lbs
5 ft 8 in
Facial Hair:
goatee, changes, none
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smooth or shaved
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piercing: other, tattoo
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friendship, love/relationship, chat, 1-on-1 sex, group sex
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English, Dutch, French, German
As dull as it sounds, but i like all sports that get me into lycra, so i swim, run cycle and since recently even wrestle, as long as i get to wear lycra, show of in it and find men who do like it to as much as me. Bulging in gear is just so hot and makes me horny, and those sport's enable me to wear it outside, in the pool and yes... i like it, but noticed some men also like it !!! I wear it 24/7 but i like much more than just that, wanna find out, just ask me...

Additional Profile Info

More about me:
i love being on the site, it gives me a way to show off my bulge but also to make friends...

I love the gear, maybe to much, i wear it 24 / 7 always with one or two cockrings, or an Augustus lycra cockringstring ( my favourite ) I show some of them in my pics. and hit Augustus on... as he makes em !!! it keeps me horny day and night, and i like that.

I sort o became addicted to showing of my bulge, it's a thing... i dunno but it got me dates and sex and i love those... i am not a shy guy but maybe not as outgoing as you would think from reading my profile... but showing a bulge is what i do...

And believe me... more guys than you think look at a male bulge, in envy or admiration...

Ideal partner:
Honest, sexy, intelligent, funny, someone to talk to and share with, and yes into gear... someone who like's it as much as do.
I do not care about age, or good looks, that may sound strange, but donne that, not donne with it... but sometimes the best looks, the most beautiful body.... doesn't work. the above is more important.
Oh what the hell... a good body and good looks help... but are not the most important.

I shared some personal time with guys on here, and although far away we had good chat's personal contact's through email or messages... so it is possible.

Hit me up if you like to ?!

Main gear interest:
bikinis, cycling bibs, cycling shorts, cycling skinsuits, football (american), leotards, lycra shirts, nylon swim trunks, latex, rubber, PVC, shaftwear, silk or satin, speedos, speedskating, superhero outfits, thongs, unitards, wrestling singlets, zentai, diveskin, hoods, jammer shorts, luge suits, pantyhose, ballet wear, renaissance wear, sheer material, liquid leather, full body suits, neoprene, running tights
What kind of spandex/lycra gear do you own?:

Ask me and i probaly have it, from thongs, cycling gear, running gear, swimming gear, jogging gear and so on... Sometimes i make my own, if i think i can't get what i want. Those have turned out good, and many of you have seen the pics of me wearing it ... and commented on them, so it must be good.
Things i do not have yet.... are superhero costumes, i love em, but here in Europe they are not like in the states, and ordering them... to much schipping cost's same as for professional ballet gear... i hate it that you can just order without it...

What got you started in liking spandex?:
i was always into it, from a young age without knowing.... but 2 things happened, as i lived in Amsterdam, going to gay bar's i once saw this big masculine guy, dressed in a tihgt lycra pants, leather shirt and leather cap, like a police man and he showed a real big bulge...we had some fun in he darkroom and back in the bar he invited me home... he had this real big bulge... but what happened was that he put on a silver string on me, made me wear my biker boots and his police cap, undressed and offerded me his ass,,,, so hot and horny... and i rimmed it before fucking it it deep...HE WAS SO HOT AND HORNY !!! And second also was another guy... he whore torned jeans, i did to, but underneath his was some torn, well worn and so sexy looking lycra... i did't know.. but found out as we enterd the darkroom...........

Describe your favorite gear:
I'TS NOT SO MUCH THE GEAR !!! But the way a real man can show himself, why hide in baggy pant's as there are tight jeans, leather pants, rubber gear and most of all SPANDEX... it all is about the bulge... show it and get it out.....
Why should the female top overclass our male front....we know what we have, so why not show it...

All About Sex

Sexual activities:
Anal, Bondage, CBT, Cuddling, Electro, Fisting, J.O., Kissing, Nipple play, Oral, Pumping (Vacuum), Rimming, Role play, S&M, Spanking, Watersports, Wet lycra, Wrestling
Dick size:
top only
Safer sex:
What is your ultimate spandex fantasy?:
I had / have had a few already, BUT lycra fantasie's you can never have enough... the thing is, that some guys with the same fantasy can make a connection, and when that happens it's like wauw... Like a field trip i took on my mountainbike, me in my gerolsteiner bike gear, two cockrings on to make my bulge stand out, ( and because i love wearing cockrings ) i just ride into the woods... and made a stop, had some water as another cyclist approched, also fully dressed in cycling gear, a huge bulge showed.... i was interested... but he even more... he came up to me, looked at my bulge and said it looked big... he touched it.... and we got it on.... just like that... brought daylight.... later as we met few times more... he brought his boy friend...also in gear... and he made me fuck his BF. he even pushed me so i could fuck him deeper... man that was HOT
and if i was not at that time in my gear.... i think nothing would have happened.