Terms of service

Ahhh, the Terms of Service ... so boring, don't you think?  Well, here at SpandexGuys we try to apply common sense and the site is governed by that.

First off, we only allow access to adults because you can find nudity and coarse language in some profiles. Who is considered an adult really depends on the country or jurisdiction you're visiting from. Sometimes, it's 19, sometimes 21 but never - for our purposes - less than 18. Some places don't allow you to visit our kind of website at all, so you better check before you get into trouble.

We are lucky to have members who are in law enforcement and while they are here for personal enjoyment of the site and take the badge off while participating, they do put it right back on if they see something that has to do with underage or other illegal content, so let's just stay clean.

If you do something stupid, you burn yourself. It's just this easy. Be kind, be nice and be safe. If you meet someone and it's a bad date, don't blame us for it. You're old enough to know what you're doing and ... while doing it, be safe!

Meanwhile you're here to have fun so by participating you agree you will take precautions and not blame us for any negative experiences.

So, have fun!

Richard and the team