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Playing in some Wet Gear.
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Thongs and Wrestling
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Posing in some gear
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General Profile Info

My name/nickname:
I am/we are a:
gay man
Seeking a:
gay man, bi man
West Sussex
Body type:
170 lbs
5 ft 9 in
Facial Hair:
Body hair:
Looking for:
friendship, love/relationship, chat, 1-on-1 sex
Love Swimming,Watching Films/DVD's, Cycling,and some Friendly Wrestling Also looking to find a buddy, whos up for some Scuba Diving.. Love the Water,both In, On and Under it, prefer it nice and warm and clear, and love Snorkeling too, in some of my Sexy Trunks.

Just joined this site for a month,and would love to find a guy to share my LIFE and Interests with.And hopefully do that Scuba Diving Course with. Am really a Genuine and Caring Guy,just looking to find that ideal Partner.
I DON'T Have Skype,or a Web Cam. Hate them, so DON'T ASK me

(Why is it so difficult to find someone to be with and share a common interest on these sites.?)

Yahoo! Messenger:
Dont Have Skype

Additional Profile Info

More about me:
I am looking for someone to SHARE my LIFE with, and i am Very Genuine,Caring and loving.
What you see in my Pics is my Lycra clad big heavy Cock and Balls,and its all Natural, NO Pumping or Injections. Can you Handle it.
I have a wide range of Hobbies,and interests,and would love to find someone to share these with. I have my own flat and a car too.
I Would also love to find any keen Scuba Diving fans,as i love the Water and want to learn how to Scuba Dive.

Anyone up to share my life, interests, and go Snorkeling,or Scuba Diving with me.. I Now have near on 480 pairs of Trunks,Thongs,plus lots of Other kinds of Swimwear. This being my main Fetish,but do still Love other forms of Undergear. I also love getting Muddy/Mucky in my Gear too, so buzz me if you do too.
So, what is WRONG with my pics,and profile, yet so many others get the Comments.??? And i have face pics too.

Ideal partner:
Ideal partner, well, similar to me in there interests,but generally,dont have a type,altho a Van Damn/Dolph Lungren look a like would be great. Dreaming a bit there i think
Its basically about the Inside of the person,as i'm not exactly a Painting to be Admired. Have a love of the Water,and be up to share my other interests, and join me on a Scuba Diving course, in some skimpy Sexy Trunks or Thongs. Someone who LOVES Speedos,Thongs,and all kinds of Swimwear. IS there anyone out there. ?? Rather Strange i cant find them, as this is a Sapndex/Lycra Site.

Main gear interest:
bikinis, cycling shorts, cycling skinsuits, leotards, nylon swim trunks, latex, rubber, PVC, silk or satin, speedos, superhero outfits, thongs, unitards, wrestling singlets, animal suit, diveskin, jammer shorts, full body suits, neoprene
What kind of spandex/lycra gear do you own?:
I have a Large Collection of Speedos,Thongs, and G-strings. Also love Unitards,latex,Rubber,and Full Lycra suits.
Collection is now up to about 480 ish pairs, ranging from Speedos,Swim Trunks,Thongs and a few Body Suits, 2 of them are in Rubber.

What got you started in liking spandex?:
From early days at school, and going to the Swimming pool,and putting the Speedos on. Those days,most Guys wore Speedos/Trunks,and Not these Awful Baggy Shorts seen today.

With so many now, i spend my time in them,most days and nights.

Describe your favorite gear:
Trunks,Trunks,Trunks,Trunks,Trunks,Speedos, Speedos ,Speedos ,Speedos. . Also love any thing Shiny, Pvc, or Metallic looking. Did i say Trunks.

Do have a bit of Rubber stuff too,but would be up to share some with other Rubber fans. A Wetsuit would be Great,then we could go Scuba Diving Together.

All About Sex

Sexual activities:
Cuddling, Frottage, J.O., Kissing, Liquids (oil, mud, etc.), Oral, Pumping (Vacuum), Saline or Silicone, Watersports, Wet lycra, Wrestling
Dick size:
Safer sex:
What is your ultimate spandex fantasy?:
Not got an Ultimate fantasy really, but love Getting Muddy/Messy with some friendly Wrestling in any of my lycra gear. Also love to get Wet, and enjoy Being Underwater when i can, i should have been born a Fish, as i just Love the Water.Would love someone to Jerk me off Underwater in Some Tight Fitting Speedos.