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2 for 2 Valentine's Day Special 2014


2 for 2 Valentine's Day Special 2014
2 months VIP membership for 2 people $19.95

During the month of February 2014 we are offing a special one time upgrade option of 2 Months VIP membership for two people for US$19.95 this translates to the equivalent of only $4.99 per peron per month compared to the normal $15.99!

If you are a free member, the process is quite simple; you upgrade your account as you normally would, selecting the special under the non-recurring membership options or (easier) clicking this link or the link we repeat at the end of this page. Your account will be upgraded immediately for two months. You then need to send us a support ticket (top right helpdesk link on the site or by clicking here) telling us about the special and the name (username) of the friend you want us to uprgade. As soon as we get the message we will upgrade your friend and that's it. You share the love and help support our community.

If you are already upgraded then the system will not let you upgrade again and links are hidden. Even clicking the link we supply will give you an error. Because of this you need to send us a support ticket by clicking on the helpdesk link in the top right corner or by clicking here Tell us you want to make use of the special and whom you like to share the upgrade with. We will then send you an email address so you can send the payment via Skrill (formerly known as Moneybookers) which is a PayPal type business, just not as nasty as PayPal. Information on Skrill can be seen here. After we've received payment we will upgrade your friend and add an extension to your own upgrade by 2 months. If you have a recurring (automatically rebilling) membership we will either make an annotation in your account so you can claim the upgrade when you are a free member again or we can cancel the rebilling and add the extension immediately - it is your choice.



Upgrade now (current free members only)

Contact us via a support ticket

Information on Skrill can be seen here (of interest to currently upgraded members)








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