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Profile Verification

Since we can't meet all of the guys on SpandexGuys in person we've created a verification process. Its intention is to help those of you who have had your photos stolen to prove to others that you are really who you say you are and that the pictures are of you.

Getting your profile validated will take only a few moments. Just follow the steps below and you’re on your way.


A few notes before you continue:

  1. Verifying a profile is by no means fool proof. People can get very creative when trying to deceive so always use your best judgment when dealing with people online.
  2. There is some work involved such as looking for your membership account number, writing your username and the number on a sheet of paper and take a picture while holding it. We’re hoping that the fakes won't want to waste time on something they can't prove.
  3. We do not automatically mark all pictures in your profile as verified. Offering such a blanket assurance would be difficult, especially for crotch/bulge mugshots.
  4. It is always recommended to get creative with your profile pictures, stand out from the crowd. Therefore, if all you have is a zoomed-in picture of a bulge or crotch shot with no distinguishing marks we will not be able to verify you.


Prepare the verification picture

  1. You will already know what your username is. It’s the name you use to log in and how others know you on this site.
  2. Look up your account number. This is how: click Account/Profile menu item. On the page that comes up it’s the second item. The number can be anywhere from 2 to 6 digits
  3. HAND-write both your username and your account number on a sheet of paper. Use the whole paper and make sure that the username and number are legible. We’re asking to handwrite the information as it makes it more difficult to Photoshop the information into a picture.
  4. Take a picture or have a picture taken of you holding the sheet of paper. Hold it, don’t tape it, lean it or staple it to your forehead (...) we want to see your fingers HOLDING The paper.
  5. Make sure there are similarities in both pictures, the one on your profile and the verification picture you're taken, so we can compare them. The more similarities, the more likely your verification application will be successful.

    • For people with face pictures, this is the easiest. Same face on both photos is easy to verify. REMEMBER: FACE PICTURES ARE NOT NECESSARY but they help if you have them on the profile.
    • Tattoos, moles, scars are easily identifyable.
    • Same outfit on both pictures. If the outfit is an unusual one, design, color etc we can compare it much easier.
    • Background: if you don't have the outfit anymore but take the picture in the same location where other photos were taken and exactly the same furniture, etc. can be seen then this will also help us.




Verification process

  1. Click here to open a support ticket (opens in new window)
  2. Fill in the form and make sure you enter something for each field. Under Category choose: PROFILE VERIFICATION and make sure you include your username in the next field below.
  3. When writing something in the message field please ignore the “Suggested knowledgebase articles” that come up. We’re making use of the support ticket system so need to follow the normal support procedure used for other issues.
  4. Attach the verification picture (see sample and information above)
  5. Enter the numbers for the spam prevention system and click SUBMIT TICKET
  6. You receive a confirmation like this one:

    Success: Ticket submitted
    Your ticket has been successfully submitted! Ticket ID: Z9Z-ZZZ-999Z
    View your ticket


As soon as this is done you can return to what you were doing on SpandexGuys. We will receive your request and will manually compare the verification picture with your main profile picture. We will follow up with a reply to the support ticket.

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