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Cannot register - "My name/nickname is required" error is displayed

Solution If you try to register and see an error saying "My name/nickname is required" chances are that what you see is a page that asks you for your username, password and email and then immediately goes on to offer an option to upload a picture.

The quick fix:

If you use Internet Explorer 7 or 8 please make sure that - at least for the registration - you have your security settings set at medium high, and not high because if it is set on high you may not display the complete form. (javascript: in order to choose states/provinces and then cities)

On your Internet Explorer please find the 'Tools' menu item which may be to the right of the tabs.

Click on it and select 'Internet Options' on the bottom.

A window comes up. Please click on the second tab which is titled, 'Security'.

If not already displayed that way please click on the globe ('Internet') and slide the bar in the lower half from 'High' to 'Medium-high'.

Click Apply, then OK and then you need to close your browser and reopen it.

When you go to the registration page you will see the middle part of the registration form which you could not see before.

The more detailed explanation:

It seems that your browser has very strict security settings which does not allow a number of things to be displayed. One of those things is called "javascript" which we use sparingly. It is used to automate a geographic selection process on the registration page, the profile update page and the search page. When you select a country the system will automatically display all the states/provinces/counties/prefectures (however you may want to call them) within your country and then do the same to show you all the cities we've registered within your region. This form of automation seems to have been blocked which means that this part of the registration form was hidden for you by your browser. Since a number of answers are required the page cannot register you until all the questions have been answered.

Following the steps above should do the trick. If not, let us know.
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