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Picture Guidelines


We’re glad you have joined us in this community which caters to men (and of course women as observers!) who have an appreciation for tight spandex clothing. In order to stay on topic and make sure that you and your friends enjoy the site most we have to spell out the types of pictures we will allow on this site.

SpandexGuys’ motto is something like: “A place for men who have an appreciation for bulges in spandex and other tight, thin, synthetic materials resembling lycra covering the body.” Well, something like this.

Bottom line is that we will only approve pictures if they meet some minimum standards and follow these guidelines:


  1. Speedos, wrestling singlets, full body suits, zentai ... have a look at those pictures and you will see something in common: the shiny, tight spandex. That is what we’re looking for.
  2. Absolutely NO cotton underwear
  3. Absolutely NO cotton jockstraps (See this article for examples of which jockstraps are OK; opens in a new window)
  4. In relation to the above, no jockstrap waistbands unless the spandex front part can be seen.
  5. Absolutely NO nudity without spandex gear. We are am glad you have a big uncut piece of meat but that does not constitute a spandex picture unless it's hanging out of a wrestling singlet! If your dick takes up more space on the picture than the spandex, the picture probably won't be approved. We're not erect cocks dot com (does it exist?) but spandex guys!
  6. Pictures where no spandex is seen, like pictures of you in jeans, leather pants or pyjama bottoms and the likes are off topic and cannot be approved. We are glad there’s more of you than spandex but this is not the place.
  7. A thong or string bikini is nice but we want to see bulges, so don't show a waistband only or a shoelace going around your waist and into your crack.
  8. No drawings, photo negatives, retouched, photoshopped and otherwise enhanced or changed pictures. We're not an art gallery here. Clear unmodified photos please.
  9. NO watermarks with URLs. Use your originals, don't use pictures stolen or stored on other sites. We're here to promote you, not other sites. If you are worried about people taking your pictures then of course you're welcome to watermark them with your username but please remember that oversize or overbearing watermarks ruin the quality of your picture.
  10. You must be seen wearing the gear. Showing off your collection in a drawer or spread out on a bed won't do. You can share those privately with people whose email you know
  11. We really don't like collages. They are very distracting and by their definition you can't focus on a single bulge. If you must post them make sure that they are 100% lycra. A single underwear shot or only nude and they're deleted
  12. Incorporating spandex into other fetishes is cool but please no extremes which includes needles stuck in your butt or genitals (we've seen it!) or other acts that are sure to make someone cringe.
  13. Make sure the focus is on spandex. Wearing spandex tights and boots is OK. What is not OK is if you zoom on the boot and show 2 inches/5cm of spandexed leg.
  14. No mass-uploading similar pictures. We really don't want to micromanage your profile. It's not our intention but please don't give us 10 shots of the same garment taken from different angles. Bring some variety in. and if you only have one piece of gear, spread the uplaods over time. Don't upload them all over time. This way we just may not notice ;-)
  15. See a list near the bottom of the page for more examples



  1. Rotate: make sure pictures are right side up and not rotated to the side

  1. Focus: pictures must be in focus and not blurry
  2. Objects: If you take a picture of your mirror image make sure you first clean the mirror so we don’t see all your cumshots on there ;-) and also make sure you crop the picture to show only you. We don’t want the frame of your mirror and the wall around it.
  3. Flash: if you use flash to take a picture of your reflection in the mirror please clean the mirror first so that you can minimize the glare from the flash
  4. Light: photography is usually something that requires a lot of light. If you use too little light the picture comes out dark, you will not see details and the picture won’t make it on the site
  5. Motif: Crotch mug shots can be interesting and we do it as well, but don’t go too close. We don't need to see the weave of the material!


(SOME INFO CAN BECOME OUTDATED PRETTY FAST ON THE INTERNET - If one of the suggestions below doesn't work or if there is a dead link please let us know so we can correct it.)

If you require some adjustments to your picture there are many software options if you do a google search for "free picture rotating software", We have listed a few below. Please check if these sites and see for yourself and use only if you feel comfortable using them. The list below was adapted from open source:

1. Pixlr

When it comes to on-the-fly online photo editing, Pixlr is my choice. Not only does it have the same tools as all of the top three in addition to some simple Hipstamatic-style filters, but it has a clean interface and, best of all, a tool -- Pixlr Grabber -- that integrates it seamlessly with Google Chrome and Firefox allowing users to grab an image from a website with a right click or even a defined area of the screen with a simple editing tool, though it can get a bit buggy at times. The Pixlr website offers a few other tools including Pixlr express if you are in a hurry and don't want all the fancy tools the editor provides. To me, this sits top of the heap and is the best alternative for former Picnik users.

2. Phoenix

Phoenix is the editor the most behaves like a stand alone software application. It looks like a standard application for one and has a Windows-like interface. For anyone using a lite version of Photoshop on a Windows computer, this might be a better option. Aviary, the company that makes Phoenix, also offers a range of tools for screen capture, image markup and even vector editing, but they are separate from Phoenix and must be opened on their own to be used.

3. Splashup

Splashup offers some very sophisticated tools for photo editing normally reserved for stand-alone software packages. The layout, like the others in the top three, is similar to Photoshop and allows users to do layering and add complex filtering. I'm not a big fan of the pop-up window for editing, but the tools are impressive.

4. Phixr

Of all the over simplified online editors, this is the easiest to use and the most sophisticated. From text tools to framing to collage tools, it far surpasses it's low end competition.

5. Pixenate

Pixenate is another hyper simple offering similar to Pixer but with more basic tools that include brightness, color manipulation, red eye adjustment and smile whitening(?).

6. Photoshop Express

Yes, the photo mega-editing software has an extremely stripped down online version. It's a tad slow, but it is a good basic online editor.

7. Snipshot

Snipshot is super easy to use, but in order to gain access to the more advanced features, you have to pay for them - $9 per month or $5 for a two-week pass.

8. Pixer

This is about as simple as it gets. Zero special effects or advanced editing tools, but if you just need to quickly resize or rotate an image, this works. Careful as the editing icons are right above links to Google ads and are easily confused.


There are lots of free programs out there to rotate and even edit your video clips. Every one has different requirements or preferences so instead of listing software why don't you do a search for a program that works for you:






  1. Picture has to be of YOU and not of other people. Leave pictures you found on the internet right where you found them
  2. We honour your privacy, you do NOT have to post your face but it you are open and don’t mind, then please choose to make your profile picture a face picture
  3. Make the picture about you so please don’t add pictures of a group of people or face pictures of other people.
  4. Don't censor the picture. Either show it all or don't show anything.


Garments are OK

  1. All pure spandex/lycra garments like speedos, wrestling singlets, cycling shorts, jammers, tights, full body suits, skinsuits, fastskins, leotards, unitards and similar
  2. Rubber and PVC as they are similar in tightness, form-fitting and bulging as spandex
  3. Pantyhose - even though technically not 100% spandex, we have allowed it in the past and therefore will continue to allow it
  4. Nylon running shorts - only if a few numbers too small and showing of a tight bulge. Will be rejected if a very loose fitting pair where no real bulge is seen


Garments that are NOT OK

  1. Neoprene - we add it as one of the checkboxes in the list of fetishes but it's not spandex
  2. Sweatpants, basketball pants, shorts
  3. Nylon or polyester shorts from the 70's
  4. Socks. Pictures of feet in socks or stockings. They are different to pantyhose (in case you were going to use that argument) and even those are just borderline accepted
  5. String thongs where no bulge is seen.
  6. This is not a complete and exhaustive list but you hopefully get the idea. We ill add to it in time.


File Formats

.jpg .gif .png - NO .bmp

Thanks for helping us maintain a minimum level of quality so please be proud of your shots and do make an effort. Your friends here will appreciate it.


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