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This Album contains my progress, durin…
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Album One, on my trek to tone and get …
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I have created this album for y'all, o…
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The Black and shiney ballet tights,,,
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Some pics for the rest of ya, I hate t…
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Some other pics taken.
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New Camera Testing out the looks of my…
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Bulges of Love
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The Colour of Red
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Some Speedos and other swim gear
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The Black and Shiney
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Heavy Spandex mix Rubber Blue suit 2
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My Blue heavy spandex suit with Rubber…
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Ass in Spandex
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This n That
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Cycling and More
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gay man
Seeking a:
gay man, bi man, straight man, gay couple
Body type:
170 lbs
5 ft 9 in
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Body hair:
smooth or shaved
Body Decorations:
piercing: ear, piercing: other, tattoo
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friendship, chat, 1-on-1 sex, group sex
open relationship
Well hobbies, they are so interwined with my business that all I can say is that when it comes to digital art I would say that is the key hobby, aside from collecting, Dallas and now Falcon Crest., for those that don't know they were tv shows that aired in the 80's and were the creme de la creme of prime time.

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Just read my last update. I was off by one year should have been 2014..anyway, i will be posting shortly on the progression, i entered a three year goal, i have completed the first year now onto the will see....Today writing January 30, 2014*************

******************UPDATE******** **************
Hey guys I have started a project, to be toned in 4 months. I am making a vid of the process, and yes it is xxxxrated....Today at writing this the date is October 15, 2010, by February 15 2013, I will have worked hard to be tight and toned.....********************** *

I am a webdesigner and digital artist, and have three business ventures, on the go, also a Pageant owner. heck keep the costs low on advertising.
I have been a member of SG since oh I say years now when they had the old version of the sight, I was off for a bit of time and then back full force and love the many apsects of spandex clad men, yum especially hot asses.
So add me as a friend and get access to my locked pics for friends only...

So add me to msn or yahoo,,,this upcoming year will be travelling to the domincan regularily, so looking for guys that wanna chat cam get off, and possibly meet for some hot fun,,,,

I consider myself an exibitionist and voyeur, i sometimes i am in front of my window, naked or in a thong, some of the pics taken on here, although you cant see, had the curtains open slightly and i kinda knew the guy next door always was looking,,,

Ideal partner:
Well I am in a relationship but we like to explore others, the ideal sexual partner is one that is totally into gear, spandex of all sorts, the best part of getting hot and heavy is rubbing on another guys cock and ass, in gear.
With an open relationship, I can explore the pleasures of other guys, in gear out of gear etc, prefer to meet a cyclist, on a trail and go off to a secluded area.. need I say more?

Guys that are heavy into spandex and thongs, skimpy undies and tight fitting, toned guys and average,,,,lets put it this way guys are hot in general, yes i have preferences, but as it stands the male is fucking hot.

Main gear interest:
bikinis, cycling bibs, cycling shorts, cycling skinsuits, football (american), leotards, lycra shirts, nylon swim trunks, latex, rubber, PVC, shaftwear, silk or satin, speedos, speedskating, superhero outfits, thongs, wrestling singlets, zentai, diveskin, hoods, jammer shorts, luge suits, ballet wear, renaissance wear, sheer material, liquid leather, full body suits, neoprene
What kind of spandex/lycra gear do you own?:
from cycling shorts to long spandex tights, also bought a used mens ballet tight that is really tight and well feels great on the back, know what I mean.

What got you started in liking spandex?:
I got started in Spandex, oh when I was 15, I used to find pairs of guys speedos left behind in the public pool locker rooms, one time there was a nice blue pair that this guy OMFG was he hot nice ass great cock, well me at 15, you know I knew I liked guys but way to young, however I noticed he left his tight skimpy speedos, so I waited and waited knew he forgot them and scooped it up, puit it in my napsack and left, well i was kinda horny knowing that i had this guys speedo, once I got home took it out and put them on, hence still damp, and well the rest I will just leave for you to imagine.

I also like swapping gear with guys, knowing that a hot ass or cock pretty much up against the material, I have quite a few pairs of gear and I welcome a swap trade if by chance you got this far in reading then you have come half way.

Describe your favorite gear:
My favourite gear is the blue spandex rubber mix, as you see in my pics, when I got that and put it on instant hard on, I have had so much fun in them, now I need to experience it with another guy, yes having fun alone in them was erotic, and ^&%$ hot, but now I need a hot guy to experience it aswell.

Another favourite gear of mine as mentioned above is the used mens ballet tights, when I first put them on the seam in the back just has that right amount of tightness, and well if it were any tighter my hole would well....

All About Sex

Sexual activities:
Wet lycra, Wrestling, Anal, Cuddling, Electro, J.O., Kissing, Liquids (oil, mud, etc.), Nipple play, Oral, Pumping (Vacuum), Rimming, Role play, Watersports
Dick size:
versatile more bottom
Safer sex:
What is your ultimate spandex fantasy?:
My ultimate spandex fantasy is seeing a guy ride a bike in the country well secluded area anyway and follow him into the woods and just soak up his ass and other areas, in the hot sun, and see him sweat.