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Thank you for your interest in helping us with the fundraising for a new site that is in line with the times. We are planning on adding major features such as:

Properly running a site is expensive and we are able to pay for the hosting through memberships. Sadly, there is nothing left over at the end of the month, so our fundraising effort is done as a means to gather funds needed to pay a team. This would be for programmer, designer, database specialist, etc. This way we can create a fresh new site from the ground.

Want to get rid of low performing Crypto?

Even if they are well performing, if you have some you could spare this would be a great help to us. Check out the types of crypto currencies we can take. There are too many to list. If your fave crypto is not listed, just check back with us.

Dollars, Pesos, Pounds, Yen, Dirham, Rupees – you name them!

If you prefer to send us some good old fashion money that’s awesome. Any freely convertible currency will be most welcome. We can accept transfers via PayPal or Skrill (formerly known as Moneybookers)

Please use the PayPal link and don’t add any info on SpandexGuys as PayPal sees red when it comes to gay-themed sites.
For Skrill please use our email so your donation will reach us.

In ANY case if you send something, unless you want to remain anonymous, please drop us a line so we can say thank you.

For more information please click a crypto logo or the PayPal or Skrill logo. If your preferred crypto is not listed please contact us at

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Augur 0x53C65DBD6E8a1476bb87a3963DD8fc84023c3E70
Balancer 0x68311934B4341871552FD9f6e0A4B3Cb5e109477
Bancor Network Token 0x7A0Ecf95ca66d57E24bDeb1d411817e30408c715
Band Protocol 0x5f8E72Ca00211979CB7eAC70882d6E7183cEDb8a
Basic Attention Token 0x4Ae9Eb721E2B40aC2d00b41B6bcAD9442D90ce68
Bitcoin 3BkQQjnSVMKtjuLkbXsCDs3Lw6fpYAgmZN
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Civic 0x1A224807605b7a073e0478cbceA81535c2F4A3Fc
Compound 0x87714A05EbdB6E0aEd425bb3fdA5a7cEe33d5535
Cosmos cosmos1chet0hncxl46hpcv5u7m8lgp8hg6flluf4y8xs memo:  297605011
Dai 0xE23eA378812cF412fdbB5e0ba6425899beA663Ca
Decentraland 0x2BDB33B3A8a29C4F5763F043C1554fFCE22D6357
EOS coinbasebase (the 2 x base in the name ks correct) memo:  1949010281
Ethereum 0x65A26F52e52a5e34FE7Cd00f69f0033ab90f8396
Ethereum Classic 0x08A9d12d0b838d96bD98B53596a9f8D375DA0336
Filecoin f1cazfnyt4xkfbb4vlugqlnq423nnjtkvdrjikszi
Kyber Network 0xA9EFE0751e408Fa137813AE39d8195De5c413895
Litecoin MTR74gKhgdgfBwESkfRifK25PGaSSezPbX
Loopring 0x794c1487577bE134C92bCE2867677E93AeF0662f
Maker 0x8De88EaD9Ea594fA2B8ba26aC0AF9d5Bc89824Ad
NuCypher 0x4668D8Dc8E2B227A8CB5AA6eb899f16B3f2e195E
Numeraire 0x46323F05b99317b2c6d365dc5067Ac88a3C5BE05
OMG Network 0x89099Cd6cF64222Fe5E19C3e1dC8fF3314358095
Orchid 0xD85d9b64154468e8171D0820d4D27C3ED31f1cb2
Synthetix Network Token 0x9950375702B49e789D1Cb221B837A56f4B1936FD
Tezos tz1aKX4MB9cV2BJ5fyNrmzovFApBVyggfg2X
The Graph 0xb72C6e47FD5FBA58516d7a55311726635973796e
UMA 0xAf19148f088702EdA0cF2d1E3408208dD448dD27
Uniswap 0xDe6061c12EDFD3C57AB98eEF65c16d00754A28FE
Wrapped Bitcoin 0x6945b660984c69377A547F51710865F494649Ae7 0x28027FB3946d180F9F00398f395cbB0e0e8d9038


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