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How I've been spending my pandemic.
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Tights & Things (leggings, compres…
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Thongs n things
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Spandex slings, bodysuits and singlets
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Summer 2014
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Some recent pics for you studs.
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New in 2012
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New Gear - Late 2011 Enjoy, boys!
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Showing off in hot sexy gear! Check me…
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My name/nickname:
I am/we are a:
gay man
Seeking a:
gay man, bi man, straight man, gay couple
Los Angeles
Body type:
160 lbs
5 ft 8 in
Facial Hair:
beard, goatee, sideburns, changes
Body hair:
Body Decorations:
Looking for:
friendship, love/relationship, chat, 1-on-1 sex, group sex
I love showing off in my sexy gear... (and selling it off - see below)

Anyone coming to LA? There's a hotel behind my apartment and I LOVE SHOWING OFF IN MY WINDOW. Hit me up for details on which room to ask for, and lets get you booked in. Totally wanna show off for you in my gear!

Do you have a discreet window or a private yard? Do you like to watch a hot guy rub his bulge and jack off and cum in his spandex gear? If you're in Los Angeles/West Hollywood and you want a private show, hit me up! I love arriving outside a guy's window late at night to strip down to my gear, get hard and jack off and shoot my load all over myself while he watches me from inside. I love it when a guy watches me perv out in front of him....just BUSTING to stuff his cock inside me.

Additional Profile Info

More about me:
I love selling my briefs and other worn gear to any guy that wants it......either via mail or, if you're local, we could arrange for a drop off/pick up in a secret location. Hit me up if you want to get into my pants (so to speak) and would like to grab a pair of my underwear or other hot gear.

And I always love getting my face buried in the crotch of another hot dude's gear as well. So, if you want to send me your briefs and let me stretch them over my face so that I can breathe in your manly scent and fantasize about you while I jack off, that would be TOTALLY HOT. Drop me a line for a postal address.

Main gear interest:
bikinis, cycling shorts, cycling skinsuits, football (american), leotards, lycra shirts, nylon swim trunks, silk or satin, speedos, superhero outfits, thongs, unitards, wrestling singlets, zentai, jammer shorts, luge suits, ballet wear, sheer material, full body suits, running tights
What kind of spandex/lycra gear do you own?:
N2N, Andrew Christian, Olaf Benz, Snob, Manstore, 2Xist, ES Collection, Obviously, Tendenze, Jockey, ToolBox, Baskit, Under Armour, Man Silk, Spandexman, MuscleSkinz, Tropis Swimwear and several custom made suits.

I own, thongs, pouches, square cuts, traditional-cut briefs (but made of spandex), slings, cock socks, wrestling singlets, spandex bodysuits, zentai, cat suits, leotards, running tights, bikinis, jockstraps, and more.....

What got you started in liking spandex?:
When I was in high school, my bully was the captain of the wrestling team. He cornered me in the locker room one day when no one was around and pushed me down into a corner and pressed his crotch against my face and started grinding against my nose and mouth. Although I was always really terrified of this guy, his cock was hard and he was really aggressively pressing his dick in my face....I got a raging hard on and my head started spinning at how sensual his dick felt with that silky smooth fabric stretched around it. At one point, he lifted his balls and pressed his balls and taint on my mouth. I opened my lips and lightly flicked my tongue against his sexy crotch, hoping to god he didn't beat my ass. I knew then, that I loved silky tight gear... and dominant, aggressive guys wearing it.

Describe your favorite gear:
My favourite gear would have to be the wrestling singlets and bodysuits, showing a big bulge underneath. I typically wear a silver cock donut and/or a silicone ball stretcher to make an obnoxious bulge and tent my gear. The naughtier the better. Happy

All About Sex

Sexual activities:
Anal, Cuddling, Frottage, J.O., Kissing, Nipple play, Oral, Oral ONLY, Rimming, Role play, Wet lycra, Wrestling
Dick size:
above average
versatile more bottom
Safer sex:
What is your ultimate spandex fantasy?:
All spandex fantasies are hot...but most of mine involve me being dominated by a hot stud in gear and being forced to pleasure him in something hot and kinky.....even HOTTER if there are other guys watching.