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Andrew, David, Johnny, Richard
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gay man
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gay man, bi man, straight man, gay couple, bi couple, transgender
British Columbia
English, Catalan, French, German, Spanish, Other
If your picture was not accepted it was likely because we're trying hard to increase the quality of profiles and need your help.

Rejections may be due to a picture being blurry, too dark, nothing or little can be seen, wrong material (no cotton underwear, jeans etc.), too much distracting factors (you're too far from the camera or you've got a mirror full of dust/marks that reflect the flash of your camera) etc.

Profile picture MUST be fully non-transparent spandex only or a face picture. No adult content please. More info in link below.


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More about me:
This is an administrative account. You will not be able to reach any person in particular here and if you do have a question or problem please send us a trouble ticket by clicking on the help link in the top right corner as we may not be able to reply via return instant message.

And yes, that profile picture belongs to one of our admins, Johnny. We all have our own private profiles here which are listed below. The good thing about the site is that we are into spandex as much as you are so we do have our private profiles. DON'T contact us on our private profiles for help. We are here to have fun, too! Happy Use the Help & Contact link above for any help requests.

To visit Andrew: http://spandexguys.com/spndxboi
To visit Johnny: http://spandexguys.com/JohnnyRocket
To visit Paul: http://spandexguys.com/changouno
To visit Richard: http://spandexguys.com/cdngoatee

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