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Updated on 03/16/2018
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General Profile Info

My name/nickname:
Thong Aesthetic
I am/we are a:
gay man
Seeking a:
not looking
San Mateo
Body hair:
smooth or shaved
Looking for:
friendship, chat
monogamous relationship

Additional Profile Info

Main gear interest:
latex, rubber, PVC, speedos, thongs, pantyhose, sheer material, running tights
What kind of spandex/lycra gear do you own?:
I like wearing thongs a lot. Some of my favorites are Joe Snyder, Arroyman, Tendenze and Muscleskins. I try to maintain a lean, muscled body. I’m a big fan of physique magazines of the 50’s and 60’s like Adonis, Body Beautiful, and Physique Pictorial, and like to reflect that kind of physique eroticism in the pics I take. It’s fun to see other guys who like to pose like that, too. Hope you enjoy my pics.

What got you started in liking spandex?:
Speedos when I was on my high school swim team. It really turned me on, especially in and out of our speedos in the locker room, checking out my buddy’s speedo tan lines, making my speedo bulge start to swell and harden. Now I like a speedo tan line showed off under a thong, and have fantasized about showing off my ass and thong bulge in my old high school locker room.

All About Sex

versatile more bottom