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General Profile Info

My name/nickname:
I am/we are a:
straight man
Seeking a:
straight man
Body type:
165 lbs
5 ft 7 in
Facial Hair:
Body Decorations:
Looking for:
"Have Viagra. Will party!"
Wearing G-string and thongs at public swimming pools and beaches to shock and delight Happy
Well educated widely traveled. Interests such as reading about history from pre-recorded history to art, the sciences, technology. Open minded accepting of new ideas and acquaintances as long as they are intelligent and articulate. Having a great mind/body/ and tiny thong never hurts. Witty, humorous, positive personalities in testosterone frenzied situations is always a great way for male bonding. Fort, C2C, oral... It's all great. Size matters! Especially when it cums to developed brains. Not your little brain!

Additional Profile Info

More about me:
Viagra is my kryptonite!
You guys don't need to read the fine print on the bottom of the package to discover that spandex, thongs, and cockrings have long ago been hardwired into my brain! Admirer of men. Love muscle and muscle worship. Total spandex freak. Xtreme tiny G-strings, thongs, coverings, or nude, shaved, cockring, and loads and loads of lube.
Love pushing my luck by wearing extremely sexually provokable gear in public and in private, nude beaches/resorts and outdoors.
Buds who share similar interests ... Give me a holler!

Main gear interest:
bikinis, speedos, thongs
What kind of spandex/lycra gear do you own?:
Very many tiny, tight, and mouthwatering small patches of spandex that are believed to be swimwear, but are really illusions.
Honestly I have many new swimsuits that I have never worn. Most in original packages Sad
Speedo/AussueBum gear is okay but very very old school, what you should expect to see in a museum of au natural history. I yawn when I see boardshorts and Speedos nowadays. Boring!
I have endless admiration for dudes and men who ar'nt afraid to be ballsy and wear hot provocative gear when they have the opportunity. It seems most guys have a fear of being independent and self actuated. Group think/conformity/and fear are too pervasive at this time. Recently I purchased +50 new super hot 3D thongs to begin wearing this spring/summer/ & year. Always been single and self realized, never looking for approval from anyone. Currently I'm reinventing myself as a Linux cyber security professional.
Intense self education in IT and numerous other domains such as art, history, art history, world travel, living in countries on different continents. Backpacked Europe when I lived in Spain. Did my round the world in 1999. 1.5M miles of driving around the western USA. I'm 60% of way to my goal of 10K hours of reading/audio books/ etc. I haven't had a TV or watched much of it in nearly 25 years. I kick it at nude yoga retreats, nude beaches, men's clubs, etc.

What got you started in liking spandex?:
Wearing Speedos since age 8.

Describe your favorite gear:
Cockrings, G-strings, & thongs for all to see and admire. Gear that has admirers' mouths salivating in wild fantasies of tasting a leaky feast of man Chub and spandex on a scale that an envious Hollywood will never capture and splash on the silver screen.

All About Sex

What is your ultimate spandex fantasy?:
An infinite number of them. Nudity is grand but wearing far over the top spandex is far more reinwarding.
Wearing cockring thongs. Often worn when and where I can!
Receiving expert skull while wearing a cockring thong in view of others and admirers.