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General Profile Info

My name/nickname:
I am/we are a:
bi man
Seeking a:
gay man, bi man, straight man, gay couple, transgender
Body type:
180 lbs
5 ft 10 in
Facial Hair:
Body hair:
smooth or shaved
Body Decorations:
Looking for:
friendship, chat
Watching movies, playing games on PC or console, swimming, running and just started going back to the gym and Jiu-Jitsu.

Yahoo! Messenger:

Additional Profile Info

More about me:
Long overdue update 4/10/2020.

As you might have been able to guess I enjoy skimpy swimwear such as bikinis and thongs. I like to wear them and show off for those who appreciate and enjoy it. I don't get to do it much and it's been a while since I have played with somebody offline but I do have some experience. It just depends on the individual and if we connect well. I have been told in the past that I have the cutest butt and I hope you'll agree. It's very fun to get dressed up in skimpy gear and enjoy each others' bodies and just see where it goes. I like being felt up and admired, especially from behind. Think of it as depending on what suit I am wearing, all bare skin is yours to touch, kiss, nibble, nuzzle or lick. If you're wearing a speedo or something like it, I enjoy pushing bulges together or if I'm wearing a thong I'd probably enjoy you resting your speedo/bikini bulge between my butt cheeks while you hold me and feel me up. Also I am okay with with having you kneel down behind me so you can admire my butt up close and personal while reaching underneath and between my legs to grab my bulge. Happy

Anyway, I was trying to keep it short and more readable and I hope I gave you a good idea of what I am into. If you want to know more, let me know.

Thank You

Ideal partner:
I prefer men who are my age or slightly older but that's not set in stone. I also like any men who are mature, professional, easy going and respectful. I generally prefer guys who are bigger than I am but of any body type whether it's heavyset, muscular or stocky.

Main gear interest:
bikinis, speedos, thongs, sheer material
What kind of spandex/lycra gear do you own?:
I have several swimsuits from skinzwear and this includes multiple bikini briefs, thongs and a g-string.

What got you started in liking spandex?:
I'm not sure exactly what started it but I remember stumbling on skinzwear's website when I was about 19. I ordered what was called an 'international brief'. When it arrived I tried it on and didn't like what I saw so I got my electric razor and trimmed and shaved the right areas, so that was how I got started on trimming and shaving. I tried to modify my brief into a thong out of curiosity but only ruined it. Then I went back to skinzwear and ordered a wet look black thong and have been hooked ever since.

Describe your favorite gear:
Oh definitely the thong, whenever I can get away with it. I like to catch some sun while wearing one. I love the feeling of the warm sunshine on my buns and the feeling of the strap between my cheeks.

All About Sex

Sexual activities:
Bondage, Cuddling, Frottage, J.O., Liquids (oil, mud, etc.), Nipple play, Role play, Wet lycra, Wrestling
Dick size:
versatile more bottom
Safer sex:
What is your ultimate spandex fantasy?:
This is kind of a long story and I'm no professional writer so bear with me.


I am on vacation somewhere and just out and about when I stumble on a wallet. I pick it up and find the ID and contact information of the owner inside of it. I decide to give the number listed a call. I get an answer and explain what's going on and the owner invites me to come over to his house to return his wallet. He asks me to text him a picture of myself so he can identify me when I arrive. So I send him a picture.

After I get in my car and drive to the listed address. I park and get a text from the guy(we'll call him Rick) telling me that the door is unlocked and I can let myself into the house.

When I arrive, I park in the driveway and let myself in as he said to but I don't see anybody in the living room. I continue into the house looking for Rick and/or a place to put down the wallet. Then the door to the backyard opens and in comes Rick. He's handsome, muscular and wearing some rather revealing pink and black striped bikini briefs as his swimsuit and its' clear he's been swimming. He's got mid-length brown hair, a mustache and a bit of body hair on his torso but well shaved and groomed below the waist to look good in bikini briefs.

We introduce ourselves and talk a bit and he thanks me for being honest and returning his lot wallet to him. He then invites me to join him for a swim and maybe have some drinks to thank me. I tell him I don't have a swimsuit with me. He then offers to let me borrow one he has that he thinks might fit. He then hands me them and they turn out to be bikini briefs, similar to his. I feel uneasy about wearing it but he claims it's the least revealing suit he has. I go into the bathroom to change into the swimsuit and go to walk back towards the living room. I get there and I don't see this man. Suddenly I feel a pair of hands on my shoulders and they start to massage my shoulders/traps and it's Rick standing behind me.

"Damn, you look good in those briefs. I asked you to text me your picture to see if you were handsome and you sure are. I knew I had to get you in this skimpy swimsuit.", He says.

He continues to massage my shoulders and I find myself enjoying it. He then works his way down my back and crouches down behind me and starts massaging and caressing my legs noting how they're smooth and freshly shaved.

"You shaved for a reason, nobody shaves their legs and body completely smooth just for fun. Admit it, you wanted to be seen like this." he says.

I confess that he's right and I lied about not having a swimsuit, they're out in my car, in a gym bag. He then asks where my car keys are and I let him know they're still in my jeans pocket in the bathroom. He then leads me there to go and get them and suggests I just throw on my shirt and jeans over the swimsuit if I'm worried about somebody seeing me.

I go out to my car really quickly and grab the bag, from my backseat and bring it into the house and place it on a table. I then pull out another smaller bag that has all of my gear that includes bikini briefs, thongs and a g-string. I then confess to him that I'm into this and playing in skimpy gear, I just don't talk about it much.

He then notices that I have several thongs in my collection. He then picks up my Hawaiian floral print thong.

"Oh, I have got to see you in this thong. Please go put it on for me." he says.

I agree and just go around the corner, quickly slip off the bikini briefs and put on my thong swimsuit, just as he asked. Then I walk around the corner towards him when I notice his face light up and smile.

"Oh, wow, you look great and hot in that swimsuit. I really got lucky that you found my wallet." he says.

He then asks me to turn around so he can see the back.

"Oh my god, you have the cutest butt." he says as he cups each cheek in his hand and squeezes my butt. Then he lightly spanks me and caresses my butt for a bit.

"Thank You. I am so flattered and it feels good having you feel my butt." I would say.

"Here, come over here and put your hands on the counter." he says as he leads me to the counter.

I put my hands on the counter so I am leaned over just a bit. He then gets up behind me where he slides hands around my waist and pulls himself really close to me, as in up against me. I can feel his bulge resting between my buns and it feels good. He continues to hold me and feel me up and down my upper body alternating between caressing my back and the front of my torso, up and down my chest. He even tickles my nipples a bit, which feels good to me. The next thing I know, he crouches down behind me and starts caressing my legs, individually. All of the sudden, I hear the sounds of kissing and feel him kissing my butt cheeks. OMG, it feels so good but not as good as feeling him run one of his hands up my leg and in between my legs to grab my bulge. I flinch a little but it feels so good having my package grabbed and fondled through my thong swimsuit material.

Then he stands up as he licks my lower back and up to my neck. He then asks what else I enjoy.

"I also enjoy crossdressing. In fact, I have my items and makeup in my bag. My girl alter ego is named Kimberly" I would say.

"Oh, that's hot and I love crossdressers. I would love to meet Kimberly!" he says.

I then grab my items and go into the bathroom to get changed. I apply makeup and such then put on my white thong bikini with a cute pleated miniskirt and long dark brown wig. After I get done getting all dressed up and dolled up, I open the door and there is the guy, waiting for me. He immediately smiles as he scans my body with his eyes.

"Oh my god, you are so beautiful and sexy, all dressed up." he says.

Then he takes my hand and leads me back to the main room/living room of his house. Then he pulls me in up close to him for a big hug. He begins to release me slightly and does something I didn't expect. He leans in and gives me a nice, slow and passionate kiss on the mouth, which I enjoy. I lean back in to him for another kiss. He then notices me checking out his muscular body.

"Go ahead honey, you can touch me and enjoy my body, it's only fair." he says.

I gladly proceed to worship his muscles and body. He poses and flexes for me as I do so, I can tell that he definitely goes to the gym and knows what he's doing. I start feeling his biceps as he flexes them for me then I kiss them one by one. I then put my hands on his firm, shapely pecs and squeeze them. I notice his nipples are perked so I tickle them a bit before I lean in to start licking and sucking his nipples.

"Mmmmm,that feels so good baby." he says

I then continue to work my way down his torso kissing and licking his abs. Then I get down to his navel and lick it very thoroughly. I continue down to his gorgeous muscular thighs slowly kissing and licking them. At this point, I'm down on all fours where I start to crawl behind him and now starting to kiss his nicely sculpted calves. He continues to pose and flex for me as I worship his muscles. While I'm kissing and/or licking his muscles my hands are on him as well. I caress and squeeze his yummy thighs as I kiss the back of his legs and start to work my way back up his body. I then get to his nice, firm, shapely ass. I then scrunch his bikini briefs into his crack so that I can kiss his bare cheeks. I also spank his buns a few times but they are so firm, it hurts my hand more than my hand hurt his ass.

"Turn about is fair play." I say as I reach between his legs to grab his bulge, as he did to me.

I can feel that he is aroused by what is happening just by feeling his package through his bikini briefs. I let go of his bulge as I continue to kiss and lick up his back while getting back to my feet. At this point he is aroused and horny. I reach my arms around his waist and pull in close to him to feel him up some more. I then grab his pecs, again, to caress and squeeze them as well as tickle his nipples for a while longer. Then he turns towards me and grabs my hips again.

"Come on now, turn around. That's a good girl,yeah. he says, as he slides his hands around my waist and pulls his body up close to me.

Again, I feel him pressing up against me as he continues to caress me while standing behind me. I can feel his chest against my back as there is no space between us.

"You are so beautiful and sexy, Kimberly. As much as I love you in your sexy mini-skirt, I would love to take it off for you." he says

"Go ahead." I say.

He then slides my mini-skirt down to my ankles while revealing my thong bikini bottom. He kisses and licks my bare buns before licking me up my spine and to the back of my neck. Then, once again, he grabs my hips and presses his body up against me where I can, again, feel his bulge between my butt cheeks, as he grinds and dry-humps my hot ass.

"Oh, that feels so good. I can't believe this is happening." I say

"I am the luckiest man on the planet now. I got my wallet back and a sexy hottie to play with." he says.

"I'm glad you find me sexy. I had no idea when I left my hotel room that I would be dressed up as a girl, wearing a bikini, while in the arms of a hot guy." I say.

He then pulls away from me and I turn around to face him. He than grabs my hand.

"Let's go to my bedroom, Kimberly. Don't worry we don't have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable. I will totally respect your boundaries." he says.

He then walks me to his bedroom while still holding my hand.

We get on the bed and lie next to each other. I lean in and kiss him while sliding my hand down his torso. I grab his bulge through his bikini briefs before I put my hand down the pouch of his swimsuit. I stroke his penis as I see fit. He seems to enjoy it as I continue to stroke him. I then start kissing down his torso working down towards his bulge, which I also kiss once I get to it.

"Have you ever had a blowjob from a crossdresser?" I ask him.

"No, in fact, I've never played with one. I've only chatted with them online or watched them on webcam. You're the first one I've ever gotten to meet and touch." he says to me.

"Oh, that's nice. It's been a while but I've done it and I've been told that I am natural at giving a blowjob." I say to him.

I then pull down the pouch of his briefs, revealing his cut and well groomed penis. I lean in and take it into my mouth. I bob my head up and down, sucking him. At one point I take it out of my mouth to lick the shaft as I look at him and smile then twirl my tongue around the tip before taking it back into my mouth. I alternate between sucking his penis and stroking his penis.

"Oh, Kimberly, you are so good at that. I can't even begin to tell you how good this feels." he says.

I then lay down next to him and in a position where we can kiss and I can lick his nipples as I stroke him. We make out as I stroke his penis while alternating between sucking and licking his nipples. I continue to stroke him and I can feel him trembling and know it's close to happening. I then lean in and give his closest nipple a good licking and sucking as I increase my pace of stroking his penis a bit. He then lets out a moan and starts thrashing so I continue to stroke him as he cums. I only stop when he stops.

I get up to go to the bathroom sink to wash off my hands and he gets up to get a towel to clean up the semen from his torso.

"Wow, honey, that was the best orgasm I've had. Thank You so much." he says to me.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it. I enjoyed taking care of you. I should probably get going."

"Aw, I hate to see you go but how long are you in town?" he asks.

"I'm in town for the next three days, why, do you want me to come back and play some more?." I ask him.

"Oh, absolutely." he says.

I then proceed to get ready to leave. I stay dolled up but quickly put on my black tube dress and heels, which I had in my bag as well. He then escorts me back out to my car and makes sure I get in and get it started. He then taps on my window so I roll down the window.

"I just remembered that you already called me so you have my number.Please text me to let me know that you arrived safe and sound, back at your hotel room, honey." he says.

I get back to my hotel and take one of the side entrances, to avoid being seen in my dress and heels. I make it back to my room and immediately send Rick a text, which takes a whole new turn.

Me: Hi handsome, I am back at my hotel room. Thank You so much for the great time. I enjoyed being 'Kimberly' for you. Thank You for making me feel beautiful and sexy.

Rick: I also had a great time. You are sexy and we both know it. You said you were in town for the next three days, correct?

Me: That is correct, I am in town for the next three days.

Rick: I had a great time but my friend/neighbor happened to notice us as I escorted you back to your car. He came over to my house, asking questions and I broke down and told him what happened.

Me: How much did you tell him? Also, is he handsome and muscular?

Rick: I told him about how you got dressed up for me and the fun we had in the bedroom. Also, he is VERY handsome and he loves crossdressers as well.

Me: I am interested, what is his name and can I see a picture?

Rick: His name is Chip and I'll have him put on his posing trunks and I'll send you a picture. If you're still dressed up can you also send a picture of you in that dress and heels?

Me: I'd love to send a picture.

I use some books and such to prop up my phone then set the timer on the camera. I manage to get a good full-body shot so that my dress and heels are visible. Suddenly, I get a text from Rick and it's the picture of his friend. Just as promised he's in these really revealing bikini briefs and he's very handsome. He has mid length dirty blonde hair, is clean shaven, no body hair and is in great physical shape and muscular.

Me: Wow, your friend is hot.

Rick: He says thanks and he loved that picture you sent in that sexy dress and heels. I know you just got back to your hotel but would you like to come back to my place since you're still dressed?

Me: Yes, I just would like to take a quick shower to rinse off my body, maybe fix my makeup a bit as well as brush my teeth before I hit the road. I like to be freshened up before we play again.

Rick: Oh yeah, that's totally cool. We are SOOO looking forward to you coming to my place. We can't wait to play with you and we have plenty of ideas. We're going to take really good care of you. We WILL have a great time. Just let me know when you are on your way.

Me: I sure will. I can't wait for you two guys to get your hands on me. Happy

Shall I continue with Part 2? I have it in mind, just need to write it. Let's just say it leads to me getting spit-roasted.

I hope that you enjoyed reading my fantasy and I hope that you are thoroughly aroused by it as much as I am.