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General Profile Info

My name/nickname:
I am/we are a:
bi man
Seeking a:
gay man, bi man, straight man, transgender
Body type:
195 lbs
5 ft 10 in
Facial Hair:
Body hair:
smooth or shaved
Body Decorations:
Looking for:
friendship, chat
Watching movies, playing games on PC or console, swimming, running and just started going back to the gym.

Yahoo! Messenger:

Additional Profile Info

More about me:
I never realized there was a site for this, very cool. Well I am looking for slightly older, easy going, cool mature guys to meet up with for fantasy/play wrestling or fantasy roleplay/modeling. I'll wear bikini style underwear or thong swimsuits. I am slightly on the fem side and like being treated so. If you can provide something you'd like to see me in, I might be up for that. Strange as it may sound I am not looking for sex or to get fully nude but in skimpy gear. Good rule of thumb: Depending on what I'm wearing, all bare skin is yours to touch I like being oiled up and felt up, especially from behind. You can also kiss, nibble, nuzzle and lick any bare skinHappy I have been told that I have the cutest, cutest butt and I like having it touched by male hands, check out the pics and tell me what you think Happy I prefer guys who are bigger and stronger than I am who can lift me in things like the scoop slam, bear hug, things like that. That's not an absolute requirement though. If you are big and strong enough to gorilla press(lift me overhead) that's big plus. I have always wanted to know what that felt like. If some wrestling interests you or you'd also just like me to model my gear for you or something along those lines. Please let me know. I also have roleplay fantasies that I'll share with you upon request because there are quite a few details.

Because I've been asked several times, I'll address it now. I have never dressed up in women's outfits or swimsuits. However, the more I think about it the more interesting it becomes. If you were to supply the costume/swimsuit and other accessories such as wig and make up I might be willing to dress in them for you Happy

Ideal partner:
I prefer men who are my age or slightly older but that's not set in stone. I also like any men who are mature, professional, easy going and respectful. I generally prefer guys who are bigger than I am but of any body type whether it's heavyset, muscular or stocky.

Main gear interest:
bikinis, speedos, thongs
What kind of spandex/lycra gear do you own?:
I have several swimsuits from skinzwear, mostly thongs. I need to get some more though.

What got you started in liking spandex?:
I'm not sure exactly what started it but I remember stumbling on skinzwear's website when I was about 19. I ordered what was called an 'international brief'. When it arrived I tried it on and didn't like what I saw so I got my electric razor and trimmed and shaved the right areas, so that was how I got started on trimming and shaving. I tried to modify my brief into a thong out of curiosity but only ruined it. Then I went back to skinzwear and ordered a wet look black thong and have been hooked ever since.

All About Sex

Sexual activities:
Wrestling, Wet lycra, Cuddling, Frottage, J.O., Liquids (oil, mud, etc.), Nipple play, Role play
Dick size:
versatile more bottom
Safer sex:
What is your ultimate spandex fantasy?:
I go to a clothing store looking for a new swimsuit (boring old trunks). I begin looking around and it's just me and the owner/employee in there. I don't notice it but he gets an idea and locks the front door and puts the closed sign up. I don't find what I want so I go to leave but he stops me, blocks me from getting to the door. He then tells me that he's had some recent thefts and he's going to have to search and frisk me. He then takes me somewhere and has me either stand with my hands on the wall or my hands on a table while he stands behind me to search me thoroughly (have you ever seen the movie Double Impact?) Maybe I'm wearing somewhat loose shorts so he slides his hands up the back of my legs up my shorts and touches my butt. He never thought I actually stole anything, he just wanted to get his hands on me.
When he finishes he asks me why I was leaving and I tell him I didn't find what I was looking for but then he leads me back to the swimwear section and explains that he doesn't carry trunks because they're too lame. Then he asks me if I would like to try some different kinds of suits. He directs me over to the changing booths and each time he hands me something over the door to try on starting with the most conservative (bikini briefs or something) and working down to the skimpiest (thong or g-string). Each time he has me come out and show it to him while I'm wearing it, stands close to me pulling and tugging on the suit adjusting the fit (just another angle to get his hands on me) Makes suggestive comments, etc. He can't seem to keep his eyes or hands off my butt when he finally gets me into a thong. Then from that point my daydreaming goes several directions. Maybe he invites me to his pool for tanning and he of course must apply the tanning oil, taking his sweet time while doing so. Or maybe he asks me to do some modeling for him so he can take pictures for his store's website. Of course there's the photoshoot prep such as, fixing the fit of my suits and oiling me up again.
Anyway I don't want to keep this going on too long but that's the summary of it. I hope that gives you a good idea of how my mind works and what I'm into.