How to send us funds via:



You can help us with any amount you feel comfortable and it will go toward our efforts. :o)



Please use the link below to send us funds via PayPal and please not not mention SpandexGuys in your transaction:

Our email that may show in your receipt will say something like EdinburghMoose ... -- it is us indeed.



Why fundraising this way?



Our fundraising effort is made to gather funds needed to pay a team (e.g., programmer, designer, database specialist, etc.) for their parts in creating a fresh new site from the ground.

Crowdfunding sites take a cut out of what you guys share, meaning that not 100% of the money you send reaches us. The worst part is that they don't allow participation from sites that are perceived as adult-oriented and much less that have a gay theme. While PayPal is notorious for being thought of as very anti-gay, it is still a good way to send money from person to person and may be available in some countries. I would like to stress that you are not buying anythig related to SpandexGuys (i.e., no memberships, or other goods or services) in line with PayPal's terms and conditions. This should be considered a donation from one private individual to another. :) Please therefore do not mention SpandexGuys in your transaction with PayPal. Thank you!

Our community was built on a platform built with unrelated modules that needed to be customized to interact. Our plan is to create a new site from the ground up. Everything will natively interact on a browser on your computer or as an app on your mobile device.

We are grateful to our upgraded members whose contributions pay for the dedicated server on which this site runs. Also, thanks go to the other unpaid administrators who run the community in our free time.

Thank you!

Richard and your SG team






Always check the fees you might be charged for sending Crypto or a payment via PayPal or Skrill before you complete the transaction so you can adjust the amounts you send to what you want to spend in total.

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